Parto Pardazesh Mavad Tehran Laser Technical Engineering Co.
Parto Pardazesh Mavade Tehran Company is founded to provid services in the modern technology of laser material processing. This company is one of the knowledge based subsidiaries of Iranian National Center for Laser Science and Technology (INLC) which is founded with the aim of providing services to industries, research institutes, experts and academics. Nowadays it seems that the presence of companies providing various services in material processing with high power lasers is very important. In addition to presenting the mentioned services in Tehran, this company is aiming to estimat demands in other provinces and proliferating local branches and training local workforce. The main operations of the company consist of two basic branches: 1- developing industrial applications of laser like welding, cutting, engraving and laser surface treatment; 2- synthesis of various nanomaterials by laser ablation and measuring their optical characteristics. Professional training in the mentioned fields is also of the scope of Parto Pardazesh Mavade Tehran Company

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